As part of a global community, we are committed to operating in a sustainable manner that ensures our people are safe and well supported, local communities prosper, and the environment protected for the benefit of all current and future generations.

Our Plan

Black Mountain Energy is committed to maintaining our focus on sustainable and environmentally friendly operations.

We have created a Board-level ESG Committee currently consisting of all board members, with the appointment of appropriate external advisers.

Our Goal

Black Mountain Energy is focused on developing natural gas as transition fuel to power a greener energy future while forging a path for smarter natural gas extraction.


Black Mountain Energy is committed to protecting the environment to achieve long-term sustainable operations. We aim to develop Project Valhalla as an environmentally friendly natural gas operation once in production. The aim is to incorporate environmentally standards where possible in relation to emissions.

We benefit from the greenfield nature of Project Valhalla, which allows Black Mountain Energy to design the project from the ground up and manage emissions from production.


We value our people – and we recognise there are differences in backgrounds, cultures, and demographic characteristics. It is integral to our business to foster a fair and equitable working environment where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. We are an equal opportunity employer committed to providing a safe, supportive and productive work environment to all employees and contractors.

We are working with two Traditional Owner groups in the region of Project Valhalla, building relationships on mutual trust and frequent communication, as well as a strong level of support.

Health & Safety

Our goal is to provide a safe and healthy work environment that is free from workplace injury and illness. This is achieved through the participation, co-operation, and commitment of everyone in the workplace.


We have built relationships and become part of the communities surrounding Valhalla – we rely on these to operate and we aim to help them grow and become stronger through our actions. We want to provide opportunities to make a positive contribution through training and employment and by giving back in ways that can teach and empower these communities.

Corporate Governance

Our management, employees and contractors abide by the highest standards of personal safety and environmental performance, governance, and business conduct.

Our Board has adopted a range of corporate governance policies and directives that govern business conduct and expectations of our staff and contractors.